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Earth advocate, food and farm activist and interdimensional adventurer is just the tip of the iceberg that floats DAVID YARROW’s boat. He is a frequent contributor in ACRES USA and if sustainable isn’t his middle name it should be!!


Equipped with all of the qualifications and degrees of a cardiologist, DR. THOMAS LEVY, took a u-turn into research after reviewing some very compelling evidence regarding dis-ease and a potent vitamin called Vitamin C.

The collection of books he’s written on varied topics for health speaks to his curiosity, his capacity as a Dr. and researcher  and his wonder about what’s going on outside of mainstream medicine.

Correlating the community on farms and ranches with our own healthy environment STEVE CAMPBELL offers his cattle may eat better than you!

With common sense known to life long farmers and cattlemen, Steve shares natural methods for detoxing yourself, your livestock and you land.

Steve can be reached at and if you are local, sign up for some amazing beef!!

The Secrets of Your Cells, written by Dr. SONDRA BARRETT shares  a powerful synthesis of biomedical science and ancient wisdom traditions. Sondra investigates what she has come to know as cellular anthropology.  As above, so below, as within, so without.

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