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DR. STEPHEN SKINNER shares commentary on alchemy’s most renown, newly republished book, Splendor Solis. His expertise in alchemy and magic is widely known through his books, his lectures and as a publisher on these topics.


Leave the mechanized “how to” and make note of the drift…

ANTHORY GUILBERT,  professor and author of Notes From the Drift, has done just this.

Led by a desire for spiritual growth, VATSALA and EHUD SPERLING  spent a year writing letters to solidify their relationship before meeting in person and marrying soon thereafter. Their letters are woven into their love story, For Seven Lifetimes.

Ehud is the founder of Inner Traditions Publishing.

There is much to said about what is lost and what is gained by domesticating animals throughout the years.

Horseman, dog trainer and journalist, GAVIN EHRINGER , lays out the history of domesticating dogs, cats, cows and horses in his book, Leaving the Wild.

Without an agenda, Gavin raises some questions as to the techniques, results and ethics of animal breeding….

Rare guest appearance of DR. A.P. RILFOOLS – DNA and apparent new research re: cosmic influences.

“Intuition is a natural and innate human capacity for acquiring information and knowledge outside of reasoned thinking, the five senses and ordinary memory.”

WILLIAM KAUTZ, Founder and Director of the Center for Applied Intuition, moved from the developing world of computer science into the consciousness of intuition. His research into this reliable source is bringing us back and forward into our world and our selves.

His research has evolved into lectures, papers and books…. All worth a listen and a read!!

ROBERT WOLFF & STEPHEN BUHNER are 2 of my favorite guests on tributaries.

Original Wisdom written by ROBERT WOLFF

Plant intelligence written by STEPHEN BUHNER

Full interviews can be found with a name search…

Ehud Sperling started Inner Traditions Bear and Company  Publishing to, in his words, “Seed the dream of humanity….Our work is to put the finest ideas into the hands of our readers and let destiny unfold”…

GET MOTIVATED!! KAREN KINGSTON will inspire clutter clearing from top to bottom and from inside to out. Her book is Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui.

JOHN HUSTON, Arctic Explorer and author of Forward, along with Tyler Fish, became the 1st team from the USA to complete an unsupported expedition to the North Pole. He shares all in his book and every day working with youth and advising others when managing logistics are of literal extreme importance.

Born to Run, CHRISTOPHER MCDOUGALL‘s 1st book started a journey opening a conversation of human potential. Natural Born Heroes continues the journey to Crete where the mythological heroes were born.

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