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There is much to said about what is lost and what is gained by domesticating animals throughout the years.

Horseman, dog trainer and journalist, GAVIN EHRINGER , lays out the history of domesticating dogs, cats, cows and horses in his book, Leaving the Wild.

Without an agenda, Gavin raises some questions as to the techniques, results and ethics of animal breeding….


TRADD COTTER‘S Mushroom Mountain is the coolest and largest privately owned mushroom research facility. It focuses on the needs of the planet, developing the possible uses for fungi; mycoremediation, medicinal, filtering water and antibiotics to name a few.

Tradd’s 20 years collecting and cultivating mushrooms is shared in his book, Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation.

Cutting through standard debates about conventional and organic farming, DAVID MONTGOMERY, author of Growing a Revolution,  combines ancient wisdom with modern science, to make the case for an inspiring vision where agriculture becomes the solution to environmental problems.

Dr. Maynard Murray knew that farmers were the beginning of preventive medicine. And ROBERT CAIN knew when he met Dr. Murray, years ago, he was correct. Robert has continued the work of bringing minerals and trace elements from ocean solids back into the soil, the live stock and us.

FINIAN MAKEPEACE is an activist and self-taught soil advocate whose passion for regenerative ecology is spreading via Kiss the Ground.

Monsanto and Roundup are 2 very ominous words in our day.

CAREY GILLAM, author of WhiteWash, brings you into the underbelly of this madness and back out into the sunshine. You may know part of the story but further education may help tip this point into a return…

ROBERT WOLFF & STEPHEN BUHNER are 2 of my favorite guests on tributaries.

Original Wisdom written by ROBERT WOLFF

Plant intelligence written by STEPHEN BUHNER

Full interviews can be found with a name search…

Ehud Sperling started Inner Traditions Bear and Company  Publishing to, in his words, “Seed the dream of humanity….Our work is to put the finest ideas into the hands of our readers and let destiny unfold”…

The pursuit of happiness…..

Corporate America is out to replace your happiness with pleasure and biochemically supported marketing is hacking the body and mind UNLESS, unless we pay attention.  The Hacking of the American Mind, written by ROBERT LUSTIG MD, shares the much needed insight to drive ‘their” poison away…


With an approach to life  that was fed by a very determined mother living with cancer and a quick idea to sell candy to the “kids” on the school bus, TREVOR BLAKE consciously sought out ways to build a good life. Financial and personal success along with a short-lived retirement developed into his New York Times best-selling book, THREE SIMPLE STEPS. All proceeds go to cancer R and D.

Nature speak, our first language as stated by Becoming Nature author, TAMARACK SONG, is more than a way to speak and listen. It is the operating system for our minds and the basic lens through which we perceive our world.

“I do a lot of interviews and I don’t mean to compare, I want to acknowledge my perception of you… Your questions were very helpful for me because we very quickly got beyond the 1, 2, 3’s and explored the deeper aspects of the book.” T Song

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