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CHRISTOPHER MCDOUGALL, perhaps most known for writing Born to Run, covered wars in Rwanda and Angola as a foreign correspondent for the Associated Press before becoming a book author/story teller.. His fascination with the limits of human potential not only led him to create the Outside Magazine web series, “Art of the Hero”, but also led him to write Natural Born Heroes and most recently, Running With Sherman. Yes, it’s about a rescued donkey, yes it’s about the World Championship Burro Races but don’t be surprised to find the heart of the matter is that the heart matters….

Is nothing sacred anymore? We hear that being said, but let’s go with everything is sacred and see where it leads…

In When Plants Dream, SOPHIA ROKHLIN and DANIEL PINCHBECK explore the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental impact that ayahuasca is having on society.

“More people have been to the moon than to places that JILL HEINERTH has explored inside our watery planet. A world class technical diver and film maker, Jill’s extraordinary path from arctic icebergs to tropical blue holes is proof that real life is far more exciting than fiction”. James Cameron

Yeah, what he said… Jill’s book is Into the Planet


STEPHANIE SENEFF is a senior research scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her world leading research of glyphosate is opening many eyes and her tireless work is leading the way toward prohibition. She packs the 1/2 hour with information that will serve us all….

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