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Research into seaweed as a climate change solution has increased significantly over the past decade, but these discoveries are not new.  Professor of marine botany and kelp farmer, DR. LOUIS DRUEHL, known for over 40 years as the seaweed guru, has said “All of a sudden, people have discovered seaweed, they’ve discovered us.”

DR. SANDRA CABOT has brought liver health consciousness to hundreds of thousands of people. Many, if not most bodily malfunctions or dis-eases can be traced back to an unhealthy liver. Live and learn as they say and enjoy a bertter life.

The Liver Cleansing Diet is one of the many books Sandra has written to help all become aware of the many ways we can help ourselves.

GRAEME SAIT is a a farmer AND an internationally sought-after speaker, specialising in soil, plant, animal and human health and wellness. That emphasis has now expanded to include planetary health, in recognition of the link between humus and carbon sequestration.

For all info please go to this link and have a great week!!

august 2020

Hi Everyone,

We had a snafu at KGNU, the station where I air tributaries, last week so in order to keep in sync with that I am running my podcast for July’s cultivated audio which was posted July 31st. Three brilliant folks practicing regenerative agriculture in England speaking about their specialties:

ROSIE BALL – manages over 300 acres with cattle, sheep and pigs at Fowlsecombe Farm

CALLUM EDGE – a 5th generation butcher of grass fed animals – Edge and Son Butchers opened in 1844!

SALLY LEE – a beyond organic turkey farmer, producing clean and more importantly, loved poultry

Part 2 with Mr. Buhner next week!!

The pursuit of happiness…..

Corporate America is out to replace your happiness with pleasure and biochemically supported marketing is hacking the body and mind UNLESS, unless we pay attention.  The Hacking of the American Mind, written by ROBERT LUSTIG MD, shares the much needed insight to drive ‘their” poison away…

NEAL BOSSHARDT doesn’t have dirt on someone, rather he’s got the dirt on dirt, or more correctly, clay. He grew up on some land that is built on a miraculous substance that is ancient and relevant today in more ways than we might imagine. Mineral rich clay is part of every culture since the beginning for himan, animal and land health and regeneration –

Information on Neal’s book, We Eat Clay, can be found at


“RBTI does not address disease.” So says BETTY REAMS HERNANDEZ. This, is a common sense approach to supporting the body, whether it be plant or animal, to achieve and retain it’s health. Originally the work of her father, Dr. Carey Reams, the approach supports any healthcare system. Their story supports a need for medical freedom….

Betty can be reached at Betty Reams on F B – she is the only Betty Reams –


DR. JOEL FUHRMAN would like to welcome you to the future now of natural healing. His book, Eat for Life,  takes a fresh new look at the nutritarian lifestyle; how it works, why it works, and proof of its effect in action. Your health is in your hands.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of many metabolic problems that many suffer from today. And, many of those problemss lead back to a common insulin resistance. PCOS may not interest you but the information we receive from NADIA PATEGUANA and her book, The PCOS Plan, is relevant to all.

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