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STEPHEN JOFFE places great emphasis on an awareness of the energy system for the human being that engages the mind and body, and ignites heart. Inner Path Qigong integrates Taoist meditation practices into practical modern-day tools.

STEPHEN teaches Inner Path Qigong in Boulder, Colorado and has serious students from around the world.

Links:¬† Stephen’s Homepage


A UNESCO Artist, author and sculpture, MARKO POGACNIK works worldwide to share life’s multidimensionalality to inform and offer a more dynamic approach to life.

2 of his books are Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings and Universe of the Human Body

Whether as poetry, memoirs, fiction or nonfiction writing takes us into our creative spirit which can weave us through experience into the moment. It’s magical!

ALBERT FLYNN DESILVER wrote¬†Writing as a Path to Awakening to inspire that creative spirit in us all, regarding of the medium –

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