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KAT MAIER, is life-long herbalist bringing alive the elemental relationships among traditional healing practices, ecological stewardship, and essential plant medicines. A world renowned teacher, practitioner, clinic developer and now with her book, Energetic Herbalism, Kat deepens our awareness of how nature and plant medicine work.

Manly Palmer Hall is a focus of TAMRA LUCID‘s book,  Making the Ordinary Extraordinary, as she experiences his influence into a spiritually deeper life. This of course had great influence on her artistic endeavors as she moves through life.

A chat with WILL WINTER, cofounder of the American Holistic Verteranarian Ass. Today he is on the forefront, writing and consulting on health matters for livestock AND humans, from the land on up…Apple cider vinegar is our 1st topic today.

ANDRE HOUSSNEY, a regen farmer/rancher in Boulder, CO. is sharing business accumen and possibilities with beekeepers in Zambia.

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With host Robin Claire.


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