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M.D. and biophysicist RICHARD MOORE, backed up by research that began in 2600 BC, shares what is little known in western medicine’s world of heart health. High blood pressure is not a cause of strokes or heart attacks but another symptom of systemic imbalance. His book is THE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE SOLUTION. Tired of the myth? Stay tuned!!

Growing Gardens is one of the homes to what is best about Boulder.ANNIE SWEENEY shares their mission, ideals and ideas for experiencing all a garden has to offer to the little ones in our community as well as those others, who are a bit taller.

Industrialized nutrition is a side affect of many things. We could get lost in the causes but what a waste of time. The RENEGADE LUNCH LADY, ANN COOPER, NUTRITON SERVICES DIRECTOR for BOULDER VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT, has put on the apron for all of us and is handily making changes where they count, in our schools. One of her websites, is a one stop shop for any school district nationwide to throw out the processed foods and bring in the broccoli. So glad she is here.

BABA RAMPURI, an American expatriate, has lived in India since 1970, when be became the first foreigner to be initiated into India’s most ancient order of yogis and shamans, the Naga Sannyasis. His book is AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SADHU

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