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3 of regenerative agriculture’s brightest stars shining a light on working with nature’s ways to health for the planet.





It is climate change that drives MARTIN CRAWFORD. “All our growing systems should be storing carbon; plants and soil are currently the only way of taking carbon out of the air.” Forest gardens are the system that stores the most carbon while yielding lots of crops. Martin’s UIT Cambridge published book, Creating a Forest Garden, should find itself on your living room table to study and browse through the incredibly beautiful drawings and photos. But beware! Next you will find yourself out in the yard deciding where to plant your first fruit tree. He continues his research at the Agroforestry Research Trust in Devon, England.

With Gift of the Body, JONATHAN GOLDMAN shares his multidimensional insights into our human energy vehicle (HEV),

GABE BROWN – Regenerating Landscapes for a Sustainable Future

DEMETRIA and BRYCE STEPHENS – Organically and Sustainably Grown Turkey Red Wheat

GLENN ROBERTS – Artisan Milled Goods From Organic Herloom Grains

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