“Surgical training showed me there are usually several successful approaches to every problem and that one will best fit an individual at any particular time. To do this, I’ve learned a lot of alternative methods and do you know – for some conditions, the “minority opinion” works best for the majority of patients!” A quote from DR. ALAN MCDANIEL



My project to educate about and use fully balanced organic sea minerals to re-mineralize soil continues. It is an international, three-year, $150,000.00 project that will begin on island communities and spread worldwide as the success of our project gains momentum. $20,000.00 will give us the initial push to get started.

I hope you will get your feet wet with us.

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With a state certified Path Home Shamanic Arts School and latest book, The Science of Magic Book of Mysteries Vol I, GWILDA WIYUKA continues to share her experiences of both the scientific and shamanic worlds. She also discusses this information with guests on her radio program, The Science of Magic Radio.



After experiencing  a near death experience during surgery, former MD, RAJIV PARTI, literally woke up with an intimate knowledge of a compassionate life. He shares in his book, Dying to Wake Up, how dying saved his life.


 As a professor of microbiology and immunology, Rodney Dietert, Ph.D.,  has turned his wide-ranging expertise toward reducing the environmental health risks of children and protecting against chronic diseases by focusing on the microbiome and the immune system. His book is The Human Superorganism.

Born to Run, CHRISTOPHER MCDOUGALL‘s 1st book started a journey opening a conversation of human potential. Natural Born Heroes continues the journey to Crete where the mythological heroes were born.

“We need only release all that obscures Love’s Presence from our vision.” A quote from DAVID IAN COWAN – teacher and most recently, author of Dowsing Beyond Duality.

Mind Field Re-Patterning TM Level 1 & Level 2



“The boundaries that have been set to divide people are not real. In the end, we are all one tribe.”

KEVIN HANCOCK is CEO of a 6 generation international lumber company and author of Not For Sale Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse. His story recounts an economic glacier, a physical condition that rendered him speechless and an evolutionary astrological reading that allowed for a heart centered life: All resulting in better business, enhanced relationships and palpable happiness.

“I’m so glad you found me. Having been on a radio tour, it seems much of the industry is just looking to fill air time so I relish the real thinkers who are picking their stories with a purpose and a commitment to diving into the essence of these stories” – Kevin Hancock


About the Book

With the cover of an NBC war correspondent this future yogi moved through a broken back, terminal cancer diagnosis and addiction to alcohol and pain medications to come into his true role of father and lover of life. BHAVA RAM aka BRAD WILLIS is the author of Warrior Pose.


JULIE CRIST is a nationally board certified acupucturist and naturopath. She understands the benefits of using edible clay to contribute to one’s health. Julie has had amazing results using this versatile, profoundly effective and inexpensive miracle from nature.


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