april 2022

To quote MARCELA BENSON, author of Love Peace and Vegetables, “health and peace are your birthrights”.


Drawing on her 25 years of research into brain development as well as decades of meditation practice, psychotherapist MARIANNE BENTZEN shows how neuroaffective meditation–the holistic integration of meditation, neuroscience, and psychology–can be used for personal growth and conscious maturation.Her Inner Traditions published book is Neuroaffective Meditation.


There are real, root cause answers for WHY the body might be malfunctioning. DR. JESS PEATROSS is trained in the Western medical  model and embraces our health imbalances with an ever deepening curiosity searching out beyond the boundaries of the box.  This inevitably leads to better health.


Not many books will go into a 15th edition like Not in His Image.  JOHN LASH, a comparative mythologist knows of what he speaks regarding the Sophia Mythos. A deep dive that can surprise at any turn.


march 2022

“So, whoever walks through my door for whatever reason gets put on the general approach. It can’t be done overnight; one has to move slowly towards it. It is always hard work and entails major lifestyle changes.”

This quote from DR. SARAH MYHILL. Her book, Ecological Medicine, is an A – Z and can help anyone retain or come back to health.


CLARE GOLDSBERRY, author of The Illusion of Life and Death, walks through her experiences along side those of the ancient traditions and modern quantum physics to explore the letting go of fear of death to enhance living.



JOHN WOOD – Original board member of the Grassfed Exchange and founder of US Wellness Meats –  grassfarmersupply.com

DAN KITTREDGE – Founder and Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association – https://bionutrient.org/

KAT MAIER – Founder and director of Sacred Plant Traditions and author of Energetic Herbalism – https://www.katmaierherbalism.com/

OAK THORNE has achieved success through community action long before the EPA and the modern environmental movement. He has directly contributed to the environmental education of thousands of students. This extraordinary 93-year-old man continues to mentor young people and spread loving environmental consciousness.

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