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Herbalists extraordinaire, BRIGITTE MARS and SUSUN WEED, have both embraced and excelled in their roles as herbalists and wise women. Supporting everyone through all stages of life, today they share about end of life care.

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Research into seaweed as a climate change solution has increased significantly over the past decade, but these discoveries are not new.  Professor of marine botany and kelp farmer, DR. LOUIS DRUEHL, known for over 40 years as the seaweed guru, has said “All of a sudden, people have discovered seaweed, they’ve discovered us.”

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DR. SANDRA CABOT has brought liver health consciousness to hundreds of thousands of people. Many, if not most bodily malfunctions or dis-eases can be traced back to an unhealthy liver. Live and learn as they say and enjoy a bertter life.

The Liver Cleansing Diet is one of the many books Sandra has written to help all become aware of the many ways we can help ourselves.

GRAEME SAIT is a a farmer AND an internationally sought-after speaker, specialising in soil, plant, animal and human health and wellness. That emphasis has now expanded to include planetary health, in recognition of the link between humus and carbon sequestration.

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