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At one time the brain was nick named the ghost in the machine. Then locationism was established by science which had all brain functions working from very specific locations in the brain. Now neuroplasticity has taken the lead showing how adaptable the brain truely is. DR. NORMAN DOIDGE has written the book THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF. This book is guaranteed to inspire us
all. Possibilities are exploding all around us, have a read, get excited and share some of these wonderful tales with all you know.

As the laws change regarding the use of marijuana, research and personal experiences are weighing in, in favor of its medicinal properties. ERNIE TRAVIS, in Boulder, had his life turned around by its use and is now not only supplying others through his business at Boulder Vital Herbs, but is also helping to educate our legislative members at the State level.

ED AND DEB SHAPIRO have been teaching meditation and personal development for over twenty five years. They have each written award winning books that move beyond personal development and meditation to includesocial action, epitomized is their latest book, BE THE CHANGE HOW MEDITATION CAN TRANSFORM YOU AND THE WORLD.

Mary Baker Eddy experienced a personal physical healing in the mid 1800s which led to an understanding regarding living a spiritual life. With that experience Cristian Science was founded. EDD PERKINS, with the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE COMMITTEE ON PUBLICATION for Colorado, grew up in a Christian Science household and continues to live his life with these teachings that were founded over 100 years ago.

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