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There is a real story of food and a story of real food – know the difference. DR. ROBERT LUSTIG makes it easy. Read his book, Metabolical -The Lure and the Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition, and Modern Medicine.

Robert Lustig


LEE GRAESE – Sustainably raised bison

CLARE HILL – Transitioning to the regenerative model

SEBASTIAN CORTEZ – Artisan chef and butcher

About GARY TAUBES, author of The Case For Keto.

“For the last decade and a half, Gary Taubes has been the unrelenting Socrates of the diet composition dialogue, peppering the field, journalists, the general public, and experts alike to question their assumptions and ask what we really know.” David B. Allison, Ph.D

Join DR. JOHN WHITCOMB as he shares the cutting edge research on plasmologens. Plasmologens protect the body from the excess oxidative stress we all incur today.

Through her own journey of healing the unhealable and nutritional training, LAUREN GEERSTEN realized that our bodies have an innate intelligence that leads us towards wellness and joy.

Her book is The Invisible Corset.

Health and wellness are put in their place with DR. EDITH UBUNTU CHAN‘s insightful book, Super Wellness. Using the best from the East and West Dr. Edith guides us into the inner wisdom which is individually ours to own.


The regenerative ag focused guests are:

Dr. Fred Provenza –

Didi Pershouse –

Safianu Moro –


 aah. . . The Pleasure Book, by JIA GOTTLIEB MD, hits upon the vital importance of knowing our pleasure from the inside out.

Know it and you can enjoy and share it!! It’s renewable after all….

There is a public “zoom” with Jia via  the Boulder Book Store on March 18th at 5 p m Mountain

3 of regenerative agriculture’s brightest stars shining a light on working with nature’s ways to health for the planet.





It is climate change that drives MARTIN CRAWFORD. “All our growing systems should be storing carbon; plants and soil are currently the only way of taking carbon out of the air.” Forest gardens are the system that stores the most carbon while yielding lots of crops. Martin’s UIT Cambridge published book, Creating a Forest Garden, should find itself on your living room table to study and browse through the incredibly beautiful drawings and photos. But beware! Next you will find yourself out in the yard deciding where to plant your first fruit tree. He continues his research at the Agroforestry Research Trust in Devon, England.

Tributaries Radio

Streaming weekly interviews with pioneering individuals, sharing healthful common sense possibilities for our person, our communities and our world.
With host Robin Claire.


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