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  1. Dr. James Fadiman is the founder and past President of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. His studies include using LSD as a therapeutic substance. His book, The Psychedlic Explorer’s Guide, details his own involvement in the early days of LSD research with Tim Leary and his mentor, Richard Alpert,as well as outlines a user friendly model for LSD

From birth, LORNA BYRNE has been communicating with angels. They have been her best friends, teachers and mentors. Only recently was she instructed to share her communications with them with the world. Her own husband was not even privvy to her close connection to these beings who led her through life. In her book, ANGELS IN MY HAIR, Lorna tells her story and communicates that these beings are here to help everyone move through their life with a greater ease, teaching there is a soul and that no individual is ever alone.

GABRIELLE SILVA’s talents run wider than the Mississippi and have been creatively flowing into the award winning RAGANANDA doll, musical stories and plays for children with heart and hope for keeping their lights shining as they manuver through a world that is closing its doors to the imagination.

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