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Born to Run, CHRISTOPHER MCDOUGALL‘s 1st book started a journey opening a conversation of human potential. Natural Born Heroes continues the journey to Crete where the mythological heroes were born.

Every issue these days seems to have a doom and gloom or catastrophic emergency attached to it. I was so pleased to come across STEPHEN YAFA‘s book, Grain of Truth. He presents a comprehensive, well researched case for and against wheat and gluten.

Years of traveling worldwide, translating for the Dalai Lama,  THUPTEN JINPA has experienced an extraordinary consciousness to compassion which has  been developed into a landmark course at the Stanford School of Medicine. A Fearless Heart is his book.


The subtitle to SUSAN MARTINEZ ‘s book says it all; The Fall of the Standard Model and the Rise of Knowledge from Unseen Worlds. That’s what its all about!! 

Although only known in certain circles,  JOEL GOLDSMITH is a well respected healer, author and teacher.  Eckhart Tolle was quite inspired by Joel. Joel was considered a Christian mystic and his span of influence has increased steadily since his death in 1964.

His practice is known as The Infinite Way, which is also the title of one of his numerous books

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