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After a class at the Monroe Institute, Bruce Moen, has been exploring the afterlife and experiencing communication wit those who have passed and has even helped in their moving on. He claims no special perceptual abilities and now teaches others to use certain skills to explore the afterlife and quell the fears that surround the issues of death.

Together as shaman and athlete, BRANT SECUNDA and MARK ALLEN, combine their expertise as renowned shaman and director of the DANCE OF THE DEER FOUNDATION and six time IRONMAN TRIATHALON WORLD CHAMPION to share what they feel moves them out of ordinary existence, into an expanded playing field. Their book is FIT SOUL FIT BODY. Their story, both personal and universal, able to speak to us all.

Scientific endeavors are rewriting brain research and the principles are strikingly familiar with ancient shamanic tradition. Therapist, trainer and counselor, PATT LIND KYLE has written HEAL YOU MIND REWIRE YOUR BRAIN which gives us a very strong platform on which to stand in developing ourselves consciously.

DR.GENE PASCUCCI recounts his mystical experiences as the traditions of the Catholic religion drive him to wind his way toward truth dropping the dogma along the way. His autobiographical book is WHAT IF WE ARE HIM.

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