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Damanhur, a laboratory for the future of humankind, is a Federation of spiritual communities, with its own Constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and uses of science and technology. CROTALO SESAME is a 30 year member and its Ambassador out into the world.


Return to an optimal state of balance – it’s an exchange of energy and ERIC PEARL‘s life was literally changed over night when he was given this gift to assist others on their way to achieve optimal health. Eric has founded Reconnective Healing and has taught the process to thousands.

Author of The Reconnection and Solomon Speaks

Way of the Peaceful Warrior, now in 29 languages, set author DAN MILLMAN off in a direction to seek, teach and write about living a life  that can deepen in purpose every day. Here he speaks about his latest book, The Four Purposes of Life.

MARIA EMMERICH is a wellness expert in nutrition and exercise physiology. Embracing the Keto diet, which creates energy from fat NOT sugars, Maria shares her passion to help others reach their goals of optimal health.

Her book, written with Jimmy Moore, The Ketogenic Cookbook, is an international best seller.

Tributaries Radio

Streaming weekly interviews with pioneering individuals, sharing healthful common sense possibilities for our person, our communities and our world.
With host Robin Claire.


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