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My project to educate about and use fully balanced organic sea minerals to re-mineralize soil continues. It is an international, three-year project that will begin on island communities and spread worldwide as the success of our project gains momentum. $20,000.00 will give us the initial push to get started.

I hope you will get your feet wet with us.

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Yes, the conversation began ions ago but is ever growing and gaining scientific proof daily –

Medical doctor,  JANNI LLOYD is expanding the scope of possibilities. Talking immortality has further reaching ramifications than initially meet the eye, ear or heart.

Healthcare has tried to replace medicine and the wisest of us all will not let this or medicine replace common sense and intuition.

DR. VICTORIA SWEET is a wise woman, so listen up! Her book is Slow Medicine The Way to Healing


There is much to said about what is lost and what is gained by domesticating animals throughout the years.

Horseman, dog trainer and journalist, GAVIN EHRINGER , lays out the history of domesticating dogs, cats, cows and horses in his book, Leaving the Wild.

Without an agenda, Gavin raises some questions as to the techniques, results and ethics of animal breeding….

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