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DR. GERALD POLLACK, an international leader in science and engineering and founding editor of the scientific journal, Water, is changing the conversation. As he shares in his latest book, The Fourth Phase of Water, this liquid holds mysteries that are only now coming into the light. A light that will bring clarity and possibility to all of the sciences.

Cutting through standard debates about conventional and organic farming, DAVID MONTGOMERY, author of Growing a Revolution,  combines ancient wisdom with modern science, to make the case for an inspiring vision where agriculture becomes the solution to environmental problems.

DR. CINDY JONES, is a biochemist and herb farmer with extensive experience in green lab practices and cosmetic science. Her passion for science and her love of herbs is the reason why she is a highly sought after product development consultant to the natural cosmetic and skin care industry.

Cindy is the catalyst behind Colorado Aromatics skin care line.

…and a thank you to Carmencita Durney, Wai’iti Botanicals, for her research help…

Spirit and spirituality exist within community. Whether supported by shaman or science the evidence is clear, we are one.

HANK WESSELMAN‘s early study in paleoanthropology was driven by a love of nature and some curious childhood experiences. Sychronicities led him and his science toward shamanism and spirit. These lifelong explorations, written about in his many books, share a depth of understanding we all can and will appreciate….

The Bowl of Light and The Re-Enchantment are 2 of his many books. These, along with class listings, scientific papers and more can be found at:

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