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Correlating the community on farms and ranches with our own healthy environment STEVE CAMPBELL offers his cattle may eat better than you!

With common sense known to life long farmers and cattlemen, Steve shares natural methods for detoxing yourself, your livestock and you land.

Steve can be reached at and if you are local, sign up for some amazing beef!!


Cutting through standard debates about conventional and organic farming, DAVID MONTGOMERY, author of Growing a Revolution,  combines ancient wisdom with modern science, to make the case for an inspiring vision where agriculture becomes the solution to environmental problems.

Dr. Maynard Murray knew that farmers were the beginning of preventive medicine. And ROBERT CAIN knew when he met Dr. Murray, years ago, he was correct. Robert has continued the work of bringing minerals and trace elements from ocean solids back into the soil, the live stock and us.

“It’s not about the chocolate, it’s about the chocolate. We hold the craft and quality of our chocolate in almost equal balance with doing as much good as we can in the world.”

Good plan… And it’s working – SHAWN ASKINOSIE left a career in criminal law for a chocolate business and more than he could have imagined. His book, Meaningful Life, co-authored with his daughter Lawren Askinosie, tells the tale.


FINIAN MAKEPEACE is an activist and self-taught soil advocate whose passion for regenerative ecology is spreading via Kiss the Ground.

Monsanto and Roundup are 2 very ominous words in our day.

CAREY GILLAM, author of WhiteWash, brings you into the underbelly of this madness and back out into the sunshine. You may know part of the story but further education may help tip this point into a return…

Agile International’s mission is to return Western Africa to food abundance by empowering local women farmers and restoring the cultural wisdom that underlies traditional sustainable agriculture. Mali born, FATOU DOUMBIA, founder, is getting it done.

From backyard research to market success, former entomologist and present day plant breeder, Sally Fox, has brought awareness to the cotton industry dispelling the myth that high chemical use is needed in this major worldwide crop. Her life long passion in textile artistry was the avenue for developing and patenting naturally colored cotton to be used in the textile industry.

PS – Sally’s a brilliant textile artist!!

Author PAUL GREENBERG moves beyond the mirror of ecology, economics and politics to tell the tale of today’s sea food industry in his book, American Catch.

With GERRY AMENA we will never know which came first, the farmer or the healer.  Organic herbs and seawater mixed with keen observation and meditative listening filled Gerry’s life with service for others. His distilled message “No minerals, no health.”

Today the formulas are available at:


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