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Wherever you are, it’s time for a breath! Listen to BAL PAWA, author of The Mind-Body Cure, share what she’s learned about healing pain, anxiety and fatigue by controlling chronic stress.

Supported by ancient traditions, spirituality and science,  JORDAN GRUBER and JAMES FADIMAN remind us all in their well researched book, Your Symphony of Selves, that there is harmony within.

FRITZI HORSTMAN, is a Grammy-award winning producer and the Founder and Executive Director of the Compassion Prison Project. Simply put, trauma effects us all and those effects run deep. We all are in a position to become more aware and more compassionate.

“Compassion Prison Project believes in the power behind Compassion in Action.”

Compassion Prison Project

Linear thinking is a buzzkill to the dream… Author, poet and sublime dreamer, STEPHEN HARROD BUHNER, dives deep and wide in his latest book, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm

Hi Everyone,

We had a snafu at KGNU, the station where I air tributaries, last week so in order to keep in sync with that I am running my podcast for July’s cultivated audio which was posted July 31st. Three brilliant folks practicing regenerative agriculture in England speaking about their specialties:

ROSIE BALL – manages over 300 acres with cattle, sheep and pigs at Fowlsecombe Farm

CALLUM EDGE – a 5th generation butcher of grass fed animals – Edge and Son Butchers opened in 1844!

SALLY LEE – a beyond organic turkey farmer, producing clean and more importantly, loved poultry

Part 2 with Mr. Buhner next week!!

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