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In his book, Invasive Plant Medicine, naturopath TIMOTHY LEE SCOTT goes back to the roots, literally, and reveals how plants considered harmful to the environment actually restore the ecosystems of the earth and possess powerful healing properties.

With the cover of an NBC war correspondent this future yogi moved through a broken back, terminal cancer diagnosis and addiction to alcohol and pain medications to come into his true role of father and lover of life. BHAVA RAM aka BRAD WILLIS is the author of Warrior Pose.

JAY HARMAN is credited with being among the first pioneering scientists to make biomimicry—the science of employing nature in advancing sustainable technology a cornerstone of modern and future engineering.  His book, The Shark’s Paintbrush, is an exciting look into the brilliance of nature and how biomimicry is leading our new industrial revolution.


As an herbalist, HOLLY BELLEBUONO, is totally immersed in the craft. She is speaker, author, teacher and archivist. In her latest book Holly shares the healing web connecting women herbal healers through the ages:; their tradition, their practice and their honor.  Holly is a traditional and certified herbalist, operating Vineyard Herbs Teas & Apothecary.

From backyard research to market success, former entomologist and present day plant breeder, Sally Fox, has brought awareness to the cotton industry dispelling the myth that high chemical use is needed in this major worldwide crop. Her life long passion in textile artistry was the avenue for developing and patenting naturally colored cotton to be used in the textile industry.

PS – Sally’s a brilliant textile artist!!

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