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MICHAEL BROWN experienced what he calls a blissfully unconscious life until an excruciating illness took him over for nine years. After three encounters with present moment experience Michael began connecting the dots in a way he could share his journey with others. These ways became his books, THE PRESENCE PROCESS and ALCHEMY OF THE HEART.

With an ear for unusual stories and the fortune to attract them, THOMAS SHOR, talks about A Step Away From Paradise. Chronicling the true story of Tulshuk Lingpa’s search for that land of immortality hidden high in the Himalayas. Thomas pushes his own limits for understanding where reality meets myth.

The post materialist paradigm has far reaching implications for humanity. DR. MARIO BEAUREGARD is a pioneer and crusader actively contributing to the new post-materialist scientific paradigm. Co-author of the Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science, Dr. Beauregard is also the author of the Theory of Psychelementarity and one of the founders of the Campaign for Open Science.

Not unlike many parts of the world, the Hawaiian Islands are home to many farmers and ranchers who follow nature’s lead for a sustainable future using regenerative methods. I was fortunate to speak with:





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