“TRIBUTARIES” has been a leading voice in Boulder, Co., an internationally known mecca for holistic healing, sustainable thought and action, since 1992.

“After telling KGNU’s news director I didn’t have time to fill in for a talk show host I wound up airing a weekly show which began as THE GRAND OPENING. Great, I thought, let’s open up some eyes, ears, hearts and minds. (Mine included!). But some discussions just didn’t have that Grand Opening feel so another name literally came to mind. TRIBUTARIES was born; recognizing the flow of  “off the main stream” information discussed weekly by our guests and my desire to honor (and pay TRIBUTE to) these pioneers who often times swim upstream seeking both the information itself and an avenue for sharing it.”

That was then…

“Now I am feeling the “TRIBUTARIES” still fits, but in a different way.  We have grown beyond main stream – off the main stream mentality and are thriving in a world where we are all players, all streaming, all sharing and all traveling in a flow. It is…”

Gratefully I appreciate this opportunity and am glad you are along – thanks for staying tuned…

Tributaries airs live on KGNU Radio the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month @ 12 noon Mountain Standard Time                                88.5 FM in Boulder, Colorado, 1390 AM in the Denver Colorado area, and http://www.kgnu.org on your computer.

Radio Stations are invited to air TRIBUTARIES on their airwaves. For any info or questions contact  me, Robin, at tributariesradio@gmail.com.

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I am enjoying a full and diverse life. This has included and includes;  practitioner of alternative healthcare, counseling and nutritionist, international cycling race operations and media, mother to three quite amazing women and a quest to be the best surfer; knowing of course that the best surfer is the one having the most fun….

Since 1990 I’ve incorporated radio as a means of broadening communication for the healthcare community and sustainable field of citizens thus fueling an increasingly aware and happy global stomping ground.

In 2020 I started a monthly podcast, cultivated audio, interviewing the amazing farmers, ranchers and other supportive folks in regenerative agriculture who are not only outstanding in their fields, pun totally intended, but excited to share their work.


I’ve been listening to you a bunch. You’re a fabulous interviewer with a great voice. Almost like Terry Gross… but I like you better!  Beth – Hot Buttered Media

“I loved the easy, casual nature of our conversation. We covered alot of territory and I’m sure your listeners got great insight.” Thank you, Deepak Chopra M.D.

“Your interview was masterful. It is a joy to chat with you. A real gift you have! I can’t recall when I’ve enjoyed an interview so much. You have so much talent and so much wisdom to share. Thanks and keep me in your rolodex.” Larry Dossey M.D.

“As a result of your efforts, a 15 year old boy in New Mexico with brain tumors will start on digitoxin.” Wayne Martin, medical researcher

“Never before has there been such a gap between progressive thought and popular media. That’s why a show like Tributaries is so important. Robin’s interviews are insightful and provocative, often bringing entirely new perspectives to her listeners. In these changing times, we all need to think outside the box. Tributaries helps us along the way.” Nick Forster, Producer and Host E-Town

“You have touched me deeply, Robin. I have been listening to TRIBUTARIES every Sunday morning without fail for over a year. I told many of my friends Robin Claire is a woman of such depth, intelligence, premium quality values and integrity. I have been so deeply moved by the quality of heart with which you so lovingly embellish your extensive knowledge about each guest you so eloquently and articulately interview each week. Perhaps I could say that it is your kindness which permeates each interview.” Listener, Karen Lewin