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Linear thinking is a buzzkill to the dream… Author, poet and sublime dreamer, STEPHEN HARROD BUHNER, dives deep and wide in his latest book, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm

The pursuit of happiness…..

Corporate America is out to replace your happiness with pleasure and biochemically supported marketing is hacking the body and mind UNLESS, unless we pay attention.  The Hacking of the American Mind, written by ROBERT LUSTIG MD, shares the much needed insight to drive ‘their” poison away…

NEAL BOSSHARDT doesn’t have dirt on someone, rather he’s got the dirt on dirt, or more correctly, clay. He grew up on some land that is built on a miraculous substance that is ancient and relevant today in more ways than we might imagine. Mineral rich clay is part of every culture since the beginning for himan, animal and land health and regeneration –

Information on Neal’s book, We Eat Clay, can be found at


Putting his attention on the further reaches of the mind, STEPHEN SCHWARTZ has researched remote viewing for the purpose of proving scientifically that the place where psychics, geniuses and extraordinary artists tap into, not only exists but can be tapped into by anyone. His book is OPENING TO THE INFINITE.

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