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Misha is a Russian Healer, Energy Master and Spiritual Teacher. He is a creator of unique Misha Bio-Energy, that is a healing process, like no other. Misha was born with his incredible and unique healing abilities. His misssion in life is to help others on many different levels whether with physical problems, emotional issues or with spiritual growth.

Industrialized nutrition is a side affect of many things. We could get lost in the causes but what a waste of time. The RENEGADE LUNCH LADY, ANN COOPER, NUTRITON SERVICES DIRECTOR for BOULDER VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT, has put on the apron for all of us and is handily making changes where they count, in our schools. One of her websites, is a one stop shop for any school district nationwide to throw out the processed foods and bring in the broccoli. So glad she is here.

C.U. is the greenest university as reported by CNN. The Environmental Center has been in existence for 40 years and is headed up by both students and faculty. As director, JACK DEBELL has implemented the latest in both technology and innovation creating a model for all to follow. Jack also consults with other organizations to work in the direction of zero carbon waste; a feat accomplished by the folks at PLANET BLUEGRASS.

After earning both Western and Traditional Chinese medical degrees, MASTER SHA read the book by Dr. and Master Zhi Chen Guo regarding true healing. He had a burning desire to become Master Guo’s disciple. With this new inspiration, MASTER SHA studied and received direct inspiration from the Divine to bring the message of self healing to the western world. Professor Dehua Liu, the sole 373rd-generation lineage holder of Peng Zu, then met Dr. SHA. Master Liu had waited many years to pass this precious treasure to a worthy disciple. Master Sha became this this disciple. Tho still alive, DR. SHA is a legend in healing people and helping them help themselves.

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