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It is with a deep reverential understanding and a poetic flare that Zen student and author, STEPHEN MITCHELL, has written The 2nd Book of the Tao

New tests, new treatments and better options offered within the Western medical system for a prostate cancer diagnosis are available but will you be able to find out about them if you need to?  DR. JAY S. COHEN‘s book,  Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs, shares the details needed to investigate what Western medicine has to offer someone in a similar situation to his own. BE INFORMED!!  It’s worth it.

ELAINE INGHAM’s name has rightfully become synonymous with compost tea and the international effort to restore soil for optimum  plant growth. Any natural system, properly managed, can be productive while increasing its capacity into the future and Elaine’s research and results prove it.

]In his book, The Wild Medicine Solution, GUIDO MASE  blends traditional herbal medicine with history, mythology, clinical practice and recent findings in physiology and biochemistry. His field of study has blossomed into the life of an herbalist, educator and mystic. Guido cofounded and codirects the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.

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