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In the early 1970’s, when the organic movement was barely getting started, a young ROGER FAIRCHILD worked alongside his uncle and learned the proprietary methods to make a full strength, nutritious and organic apple cider vinegar. Braggs sold his under their own label…..

We have 2 guests sharing systems of Korean Natural Farming –

CHRIS TRUMP is a Master Korean Natural Farmer certified by Master Cho. He has also studied microbiological analysis under Dr. Elaine Ingham. Armed with potent regenerative sysems, Chris is teaching globally to share the godness of nature.                                  

STACEY SHEPARD raises chickens the Korean Natural Farming way. The no-smell chicken raising techniques make incredible use of available agricultural waste by incorporating microbes to establish high-quality feed and living floors. And, she loves her chickens!!



A chat with WILL WINTER, cofounder of the American Holistic Verteranarian Ass. Today he is on the forefront, writing and consulting on health matters for livestock AND humans, from the land on up…Apple cider vinegar is our 1st topic today.

ANDRE HOUSSNEY, a regen farmer/rancher in Boulder, CO. is sharing business accumen and possibilities with beekeepers in Zambia.


DAVID HERRINGSHAW – Clean pork for farm, family and earth

NAN BRAY –   Ethically raised sheep for superfine merino wool –



GERO LESON  – Fair trade organic food chain –

WALTER JEHNE – Soil carbon and hydrology –

MARK LEWIS – Building a regenerative future for food and ag –

From herding 10 cows to owning the 1st organic dairy in New York, SIOBHAN GRIFFIN, followed nature’s “dots” leading her into regenerative and holistic animal management in New Zealand. Today Siobhan shares the wealth of her knowledge when it comes to grazing management techniques and how to build topsoil.

P MARK LOPEZ  took over his 3rd generational conventional family operation and he moved the farm back to a pastured cows farm. Given his veterinarian background, Mark knows that the healthiest cows produce the healthiest milk and healthy cows live on pastures.

For all info please go to this link and have a great week!!

august 2020

BOB QUINN is the friend you want to have. He’s a farmer who epitomizes the creativity, smarts and community spirit we need in a time of restorative thinking and doing.

Bob and Liz Carlisle wrote Grain By Grain about his life which moved from a chemistry lab to becoming not only a strong proponent of organic farming  but an extremely successful business man. How do you convince your fellow farmers you are having success growing organically? Do what Bob did, buy a brand new tractor!!

It’s the 3rd wave of the industrial revolution; let’s ride this one with the technologies that are capturing, utilizing and sequestering carbon!

KATHLEEN DRAPER, Director of the Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence and co-author of Burn Using Fire to Cool the Earth, has a very good story to tell…

“It’s not about the chocolate, it’s about the chocolate. We hold the craft and quality of our chocolate in almost equal balance with doing as much good as we can in the world.”

Good plan… And it’s working – SHAWN ASKINOSIE left a career in criminal law for a chocolate business and more than he could have imagined. His book, Meaningful Life, co-authored with his daughter Lawren Askinosie, tells the tale.


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