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A pioneer indeed! After attending MIT in the early 1950’s, Dr. WILLIAM KAUTZ  (MA, MS, ScD, M.I.T.) founded and directed the Center for Applied Intuition, a San Francisco organization which for fifteen years carried out research, training, public education, business consulting and personal counseling on intuition and its practical applications in various scientific and socially oriented problem areas. He explored especially the role of intuitive processes in science, technology and business, with emphasis on the enhancement of creativity and the acquisition of new information and insights through the deliberate use of intuitive skills.

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Descended from generations of indigenous African healers, Nigerian born DR. ZEAL OKOGERI followed suit. His  early life, lived in the throws of civil war, formed a man who knew without a doubt, the relentless generosities of spirit. His book, Relentless Generosities of Spirit , has the same title and Zeal shares an open heart with all. He teaches Light and Sound Current meditation and can be reached at:

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