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Well known in health freedom circles, DR. LEONARD COLDWELL, treats the whole person, using natural remedies and his Instinct Based Medicine Program.

Leonard is extremely prolific in his patient care, lecture schedule and writing books: The Only Cancer patient Cure is his latest book.


 Dr. NAUMAN NAEEM’S insights into healing are based on a decade of experience as a critical care specialist, pulmonologist, and palliative care specialist for thousands of chronically ill patients. His book, Healing from the Inside Out, begins with the fundamental truth that ultimate well-being begins within individual consciousness.

My project to educate about and use fully balanced organic sea minerals to re-mineralize soil continues. It is an international, three-year project that will begin on island communities and spread worldwide as the success of our project gains momentum. $20,000.00 will give us the initial push to get started.

I hope you will get your feet wet with us.

To read the proposal and/or to offer 501c3 tax deductible donations email me @



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Rare guest appearance of DR. A.P. RILFOOLS – DNA and apparent new research re: cosmic influences.

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