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We had a snafu at KGNU, the station where I air tributaries, last week so in order to keep in sync with that I am running my podcast for July’s cultivated audio which was posted July 31st. Three brilliant folks practicing regenerative agriculture in England speaking about their specialties:

ROSIE BALL – manages over 300 acres with cattle, sheep and pigs at Fowlsecombe Farm

CALLUM EDGE – a 5th generation butcher of grass fed animals – Edge and Son Butchers opened in 1844!

SALLY LEE – a beyond organic turkey farmer, producing clean and more importantly, loved poultry

Part 2 with Mr. Buhner next week!!

NEAL BOSSHARDT doesn’t have dirt on someone, rather he’s got the dirt on dirt, or more correctly, clay. He grew up on some land that is built on a miraculous substance that is ancient and relevant today in more ways than we might imagine. Mineral rich clay is part of every culture since the beginning for himan, animal and land health and regeneration –

Information on Neal’s book, We Eat Clay, can be found at


Plain and simple, JON C FRANK is promoting the concept of nutrient dense foods and its impact on human health all from the perspective of stewarding the land. The future of your health is in your hands.


february 2020 guests:

Nuffield Scholar, RYAN BOYD is a third generation family farmer from the South Glanton Farm in Manatoba Canada. Ryan is implementing regenerative agricultural practices to improve the soil and water resources. As they diversify with cover crops and livestock the carbon is staying where we like it, in the soil!.

Gerry Gillespie has been talking trash for over 25 years; that missing piece in the climate change conversation. His recent Acres USA published book, The Waste Between Our Ears, outlines the progress and possibilities of recycling in our communities and regenerating our soils.

My gardening partner, Lindalu Meadows, rounds out our February podcast talkin’ story – it’s too early to plant, so we’ve got time to sit a bit…

Gerry has been involved in the recovery of wasted resources and their reuse for the benefit of community and business for the past 25 years. Wherever possible, he’s keen to work with farming families to help reduce their input costs and increase their soil health.

Gerry’s book is The Waste Between Our Ears

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