Psychiatric drugs are the world’s 3rd leading cause of death….

Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial is PETER GOTZSCHE’s latest book. Peter is an MD and professor in Clinical Research Design and Analysis. This book and Peter’s research needs to be well known…. Share as you can, please.

Peter has shared some links to some talks:

Part One: Robert Whitaker – A History
Our Psychiatric Epidemic – A Historical Overview.
Dr. Peter Gøtzsche of Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen has arranged this conference about the dangers of psychiatric medication. Robert Whitaker is the first speaker: he presents 50 years of research that clearly shows that these medications do more harm than good.

Part Three: Robert Whitaker – Medicating ADHD
Medicating ADHD: Does this help children grow up and thrive? Here Robert Whitaker looks at the research – short term AND long term to see just how these drugs are affecting our children
Part Four: Peter Gøtzsche – Stop Forced Treatment
A Psychiatry Without Forced Admission and Treatment is a Must. Unbelievably, there is a UN Charter ratified by most Western countries that states that forced psychiatric treatment is torture. Dr. Gøtzsche explains.

Part 5A: Mathy Downing – Fight for Kids
Prescription: Suicide – The Candace Downing Story – Fight for Kids.

Part 5C: Stephanie McGill Lynch – Prozac: My Child Died
“Prozac and the Death of My Child”. Stephanie’s 12 year-old son, Jake, shot himself shortly after starting Zoloft.